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Legal advice about Dutch real estate

In the real estate sector, many rules apply. Not only do all of the different parties reach agreements in the construction process, deeds of division or in the purchase and sale contracts and leases and rental contracts, but the Dutch law also imposes mandatory requirements. It is not always easy to cope with all of the rules. Like understanding all of the processes that relate to real estate. Even drawing up a watertight contract is easier said than done for people who don’t do that as part of their everyday lives. The fact is that some good advice from a legal expert in real estate can make the difference between a smooth project or years of litigation for a Dutch Court.

Legal assistance concerning real estate law and apartment rights?

Apartment rights, tenancy law, construction and other real estate-related aspects? The foregoing are all familiar territory to RST’s real estate lawyers. They would therefore be happy to help you to with legal advice on the following subjects:

  • Contracting of work
  • Contractor’s liability
  • Seizure
  • Neighbour law
  • Property law
  • Leasehold/ground lease
  • Seizure and enforcement of order
  • Establishing and enforcement of mortgage
  • Rental of real estate
  • Perpetual clause
  • Liability in the event of purchase of real estate
  • Purchase agreements
  • Qualitative requirements in contracts
  • Delivery of real estate
  • Property of real estate
  • Apartment right
  • Dividing property in apartment rights by a deed of division
  • Agreement of assignment
  • Project development
  • Surface right
  • Right of way and ownership
  • Right of retention
  • Period of  limitation of claims
  • Construction law

The apartment right is a specific specialism within real estate. RST advocaten is one of the few law firms in the Netherlands that has in-house knowledge about this aspect of Dutch law. An owner can divide its land or building into various apartment rights by a deed of division, which appartment right scan then be acquired by other parties.  When this division is made, an owners’ association is created and the members of this association are bound by various rules and regulations that are established between them in terms of the use and maintenance of the building and the communal areas and the relationship between the different owners.  Our specialist lawyers give legal advice on and litigate in all conceivable areas in relation to apartment right and can also provide legal assistance when real estate is divided by a deed of division.

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Postbus 1019, 4801 BA Breda
Fatimastraat 5, 4834 XT Breda
T +31 (0)76 522 05 11
F +31 (0)76 522 09 55
KvK 20123209


Postbus 1019, 4801 BA Breda
Fatimastraat 5, 4834 XT Breda
KvK 20123209

T +31 (0)76 522 05 11
F +31 (0)76 522 09 55

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